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Democracy and the Illiberal Temptation: A Conversation with Marc Plattner

In this episode of the Power 3.0 podcast, featured guest Marc F. Plattner discusses the convergence of interests between elected populist leaders and resurgent authoritarians and the ways these actors are exploiting the crisis of confidence in political parties evident in a growing number of democracies to undermine democratic institutions and promote alternative models of governance. Marc F. Plattner is founding coeditor of the Journal of Democracy and previously served as a vice president for the National Endowment for Democracy. Christopher Walker, NED vice president for studies and analysis, and Shanthi Kalathil, senior director for NED’s International Forum for Democratic Studies, cohost the conversation.

For more on this topic, read Marc Plattner’s Journal of Democracy article, “Illiberal Democracy and the Struggle on the Right.”

The views expressed in this podcast represent the opinions and analysis of the participants and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Endowment for Democracy or its staff.




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